4th Grade

Unit 1. Life science
     1. Plant life
          1. What plants live in the woods?
          2. What plants live in the desert?
          3. How do plants get food?
          4. What keeps plants safe?
          5. How do seeds move?
          6. Howdo seeds grow?
     2. Animal life
          1. How do animals get food?
          2. How do body coverings keep animals safe?
What are other ways that animals keep safe?
          4. Where do animals live?
          5. Do all animals take care of their young?
          6. What do animals do in the winter?
     3. Keeping well
          1. What should you eat?
          2. What foods help keep you well?
          3. How do good foods help you?
          4. Why should you exercise and sleep?
          5. How can you fight germs?
          6. How can you stay safe?
Unit 2. Earth science
     4. How Earth changes
          1. Has Earth always been the same?
          2. What are fossils?
          3. What plants lived long ago?
          4. What animals lived long ago?
          5. How does the land change slowly?
          6. How does the land change quickly?
     5. Earth, sun, and moon
          1. What shape is Earth?
          2. What is the sun?
          3. Who needs the sun?
          4. What are stars?
          5. How does Earth move?
          6. How does the moon move and change?
Unit 3. Physical science
     6. Energy
          1. What is force?
          2. How does force change motion?
          3. What is energy?
          4. What is light?
          5. What is heat?
          6. What is sound?


5th Grade

     1. How plants live and grow
          1. What are the parts of plants?
          2. What are cells?
          3. How do plants get energy?
          4. How do materials move through plants?
          5. How do plants grow and change?
          6. How do plants reproduce?
     2. How animals live and grow
          1. What are animals?
          2. How are animals grouped?
How do animals use oxygen, water, and food?
          4. How do animals change?
          5. How do people grow and change?
          6. What are characteristics?
     3. Your senses
          1. How can you learn about the world?
          2. How do the eyes work?
          3. How do the ears work?
          4. How do taste and smell work?
          5. What is touch?
          6. How can you protect your senses?
Unit 2. Earth science
     4. The living Earth
          1. What is an ecosystem?
          2. What lives in an ecosystem?
          3. How do living things compete?
          4. How do ecosystems change?
          5. How do people change ecosystems?
          6. How can people protect ecosystems?
     5. Earth's surface
          1. What are landforms?
          2. How do landforms change slowly?
          3. How do landforms change quickly?
          4. How do rocks form and change?
          5. What is the ocean like?
          6. How do people affect the ocean?
     6. Our solar system
          1. What tools do astronomers use?
          2. What is our solar system?
          3. What is the Moon?
          4. What are the inner planets?
          5. What are the outer planets?
What are comets, asteroids, and meteoroids?
Unit 3. Physical science
     7. Energy
          1. What is light?
          2. How does light travel?
          3. What is sound?
          4. What is a magnet?
          5. How is electricity used?
          6. What is a circuit?

6th Grade